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So far so good...

TU250 + middle age + new rider = Fun!

That about sums it up.

I am a middle aged dude that had never ridden a motorcycle.
I opted for the TU250 as it was comfortable and well, felt right. I got a permit 2 days after picking up the bike and, with help from my brother and a couple of my friends, my license 3 weeks later.

My impression so far:

Fun for running around town and very forgiving.

The bungee cords over the rear seat worked well for carrying the pizza and the Chinese takeout.

The fuel economy so far is around 75mpg and I am quite heavy...

The ride quality is very good with most small bumps absorbed by the suspension.

Upright riding position is fine up to about 45mph. At 55, I had to lean into the wind to control the bike. (It was a weird experience the first time I took it on the highway at 55. Picture a hubcap that just came off a car and is spinning down the side of the road controlled by the wind...)

The vibration on the handlebars at highway speeds gets to be a bit numbing. I think I need better padding in the gloves..

I have put 350 miles on it so far and am looking forward to a couple hundred more over the next few days. (Assuming it stops RAINING!!!)

Overall I am extremely pleased with this bike and look forward to at least 2 seasons on it before I consider moving up to something better suited to highway speeds.
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