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Originally Posted by KLboxeR
I really only jumped in because it seemed like the event was headed for the dustbin for '09. I'm happy with being the interim guy and letting someone else take it this year.

Some suggestions:

Bring it north again. In trying to avoid conflict and overlap with the ER, locations became pretty limited as did the time slots. Rick's already got a good, major event that covers that area. Try and jam another in and one or the other is going to suffer.

Eyes on site are an obvious need that I dropped the ball on. Despite assurances and best intentions, there's no substitute for someone who understands the scope and needs of the event getting out there. I intended to do this early on, while changes could still be made, but I flipped my knee over backwards in Feb and that injury/surgery/rehab prevented any sort of travel. Who ever takes the event should understand that it'll be difficult to get others to check out the site and if they do, their perspective may not take all the issues into account. They will have to go to the candidate sites themselves.

If Bob (Mtn Bound), Rick (R1100Rick) and Dan (GSweave) wish to be involved in next year's event, by all means, get them on board. Top shelf people that get the job done.

If I think of anything else, I'll pipe up.

Edit: Wife is getting better, slow but sure. Thanks for asking
I sent you a PM, but I think the point is good for public consumption too. I appreciate your efforts. I didn't want to or have the means to take any of it on again this year. Drif - who carried it for a long time - coudn't do it either. It takes work, and anyone who hasn't done it probably doesn't understand how much. I don't know what attendance was this year, but I know it is typically a lot more work to accommodate this crowd than it used to be in the early years. Yea, it's called BYOB and the original idea was to just show up with whatever, but those days are over. For example, last year's event had close to 200 in attendance with somewhere around 100 to feed on Saturday night. It ain't easy putting it all together, and considering your ass is on the line when anything goes wrong the pay sucks pretty bad I gave up lots of personal time in advance of the event doing scouting, meeting with potential caterers, doing damage control when the campground manager stumbled across the thread on Advrider and saw some comments that worried her and gave up a decent portion of my weekend to get the dinner to the campground and give everything back the next day. The money had to be managed, accounted for, and the remainder donated to a charity after the event. There are a hundred other little things that happen to make the event work. In my opinion anyone who feels like complaining about the outcome is entitled to a refund of all of the money they paid you

To that end, I hope that anyone who bitches about anything from this last weekend isn't directing it at you. Don't be so hard on yourself, most of us had a great time. That's what it's all about.
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