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So, last night the weather gods decided to unload on Baltimore thereby short circuiting my plans for some night shots. So, I took my ever-so-technical rig and camera out behind my urban townhouse.

Here's my super-awesome rig: the light perched on top of a box about 2' off the ground, shining on a wall about 20' away.

First the spot pattern light, notice that the "square" lens is shining a "diamond" on the wall:

Next the Euro pattern, notice the much more diffuse and even spread to the light.

20' isn't a very good distance to truly test how the lights will perform, but I can say that for small lights with very low current draw: that's a lot of light! In theory these put out more light than a standard 55W headlight bulb.

Tomorrow I do the installation unless I find that I need to re-drill the light bar.

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