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Originally Posted by jeff2051
Nice grab Cuttle. Weren't you the one who was going up there with your Dad? If you are I figured you would be the one to grab the tag. And the key word in the clue was assault as Geeez mentioned. Big bike race called the Assault on Mt. Mitchell every year plus the elevation on the sign as well as the view were pretty good hints as well.
I'd have a hard time to get my dad to join me (my family lives in Germany)

I had a good time: 2 hour ride, back roads, gravel and the shortest amount of BRP possible (I don't like the rubberneckers doing 35) and back in time for some good BBQ - perfect day!

The next tag will be burried in the sticks..... stay tuned. Gotta leave early to be back in time to post within 24 hrs (can't do my hightech transmisson since my hubby will be joining me ).

Happy 4th of July!
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