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Day 2

We were up early with the sound of Harleys buzzing up and down the road. Downstairs for breakfast and then load the bikes. Ohlins was shipping my replacement 2 day air to Seattle and all was going to work out. I kept a watchful eye on the shock but could tell it was getting a bit softer as we rode.

Our destination for today was Brookings Oregon.

We had to stop at the home of Big Foot.

Jack really dug hanging out in the tree

Our ride through the redwoods and up the coast was stellar.

I had been running my POV helmet camera on and off during this trip. Jack wanted to hold the main recording unit that has a small viewing screen and to operate the record/stop controls. Apparently my video operator fell asleep and I felt the tug and separation of the camera head from the velcro mount on my helmet, followed by a radio call from Sandy through the auto com "he dropped the camera!!" Flashers on, pull over, and she says "I'll go get it" Down the freeway shoulder she ran watching cars, trucks, semi trucks, and motorcycles all seeming to dodge the camera system. She was able to retrive it.

It was still in 1 piece. Scuffed a little, but it still worked!

Jack thought I was going to be mad and was apologizing over and over. I told him that it was all part of the trip and would make a good story. Funny what vacation time will do for your outlook.....

An hour later we reached Brookings. I have stayed at this Best Western hotel before..........all rooms face the ocean and are about $120 a night for a large room. Not really economy class but we needed to spread out, use the wifi and do a little laundry.


More later.....
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