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So the 4th was a lot of time at the shop but not too much forward progress. I moved to the right side of the bike and put the water pump together and got the inner clutch cover on.

My old clutch basket cover was a bit beat and the cracks and broken pieces negated bothering with powdercoating. Hmm, what other options are there? Something strong but it would be nice to find something a bit better looking. I don't like the garish orange covers - this is an engine not a popcorn machine...

Well Craig of CJ Designs from ADV has made this really stunning cover for the KTM's and since several of the guys in our shop do short run machining and prototyping I have a real appreciation for the work that goes into making parts like this. Even Chris, our notoriously snobbish and perfectionist engineer and master machinist was duly impressed with CJ's work, "Wow, really nice part..." He hardly ever says that.

After that I rebuilt the rear brake. Here's a little tip you may know but just in case. The copper crush washers on the banjo fittings and bleed valves can be reused if you anneal them. That involves heating them with a torch until they glow orange and then quenching them in some water. This restores their elasticity and thus their sealing ability.

Be careful if you use Mapp gas as it's much hotter than propane and can melt them pretty easily. That's what I did when I showed Shawn the technique. I keep them any time I take brakes apart so I always have some spares. Of course the bleed nipple on the rear caliper was seized and snapped off as I tried to open it - another few days waiting on a part...

After that I grabbed a Guinness out of the shop fridge and climbed out the window onto the 3rd floor roof deck to watch the fireworks over Manhattan. Nice view eh? This is where our BBQ will be this weekend if any one wants to come by and check out our shop. We have about 90 bikes between us so the place is a cross between club house, fabrication facility and museum.

Then I spent the next 4 hours cleaning, organizing and putting tools away. The mess was starting to get to me. Ironically (or pathetically depending on your view) I found lots of parts I thought I didn't have and lots of supplies I thought were missing. I should stay on top of this better but, again, this project was only supposed to last a week or so.

So here's where I'm at. It might not look different to you but you can't see all the things that are now neatly organized - which is exactly the point. I'm going to order some stainless tube for the exhaust since I'll have another week and we'll see if I make any progress on that.

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