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I'm back!

Sorry, I started late, waiting for the rain to stop.

Since yesterdays tags was SE of me, I decided to find a spot more west - just take a map and follow my tracks...

With no real tag in mind, I went along the creek named after an evergreen scrub. I ride part of this road at least once a week, when I take the "long way home" from work, and going the opposite direction was an great change. Not having an ipod I started humming this song (click on it for background music and keep reading)

and I turned left to go up the hill to scout out a possible tag. It's such a fun road (unless you don't like tight turns), but I just couldn't decide on a good tag location:

south side of the hill


I even mad an "makeshift tag"

so I went back to the original road, turned left and passed this place:

Not happy enough (and to close to home) with the tag, I followed the road almost to the end. That's were it gets confusing - according to the maps I turned right on a street with a German name (go figure), but in real life the street sign is the same as the tag location

Either way, I headed north to take a picture of an old house on top of a Hill across a Chapel:

the next tag:

Good Luck!
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