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Day 13 - Finally some Beograd!

I took Yani’s bike to ride around and look for DOT4 brake fluid for the clutch. The main road of Kanarovo Brdo is called Borska, but I call it “Magic Street” because I have found on that road everything I wanted in the past (from batteries, to shoes, and from exchange offices to travel agencies), but being confused as I was, I went a little bit further to a gas station to look for clutch fluid. It turns out they only had DOT5.1, and I didn’t want to take any chances so on my way back I stopped at a car mechanic (on Borska of course) to ask if they knew where I could get some DOT4. The guy pointed on a bench and showed me a bottle with what I was looking for. It was opened but he gestured to me that it was fresh and good. I offered to pay, but, as it is often the case in Serbia, he wanted no payment, he was just offering a (much needed) helping hand. I told him I would bring it back in a while but he told me to keep it. I thanked him as best as I could, and returned to our house.

Meanwhile, back at the house, two neighbors had already walked up to Yani to offer help! It is really amazing how friendly and helpful people are there! As we were still under the impression that humidity was our problem, Yani was shouting “agua” and pointed at the kill switch to them, remarkably, both understood what he meant, and one of them had brought a can of WD40 to help dissipate the moisture… I immediately got to working on the clutch, as Sasa and Ruza were returning from their chores… It needed about 5ml and soon the clutch was in perfect condition.

Following that, I unscrewed the switch and flushed it with WD40. I let it sit under the sun for a few minutes and then, reluctantly, I tested the ignition. It was working OK for now. I took my bike this time and rode to the mechanic, where I returned the brake fluid and thanked him again warmly. Things were looking up once again!

Back home, we had a meal, since Sasa had brought fried river fish from a place, so we ate that and chilled out a bit from the ordeal… Me and Yani finally got on my bike and left for our planned tour. We first went to Sveti Sava, the biggest Orthodox Church in the world, I parked outside, and let Yani go take some photos. We then went to Kalemegdan, the castle at the centre of the city, where we walked a bit at the park and took some photos. Knez Mihailova was next on the menu, the main pedestrian commercial road of Beograd, which reaches straight to the Kalemegdan garden. We had a quick coffee there and returned home after the sun had set. Ambitious plans to go out again were abandoned, and all four of us stayed home drinking beer, telling stories and chatting… Although tomorrow we had 650km to ride, we went to bed a bit late, as we were having such a good time.

Next episode: The return to Greece, and the long awaited souvlaki in Chalikidiki…

(I will add photos from this day to this post as soon as I get the last of Yani’s pictures, I took none that day)
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