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Originally Posted by Borinott
very good working hours on your bike.
You have a lot of spare time to do that
Actually, I'm not a mech myself, I've just found BMW R11xxGSes are soooooooo simple bikes to work on yourself. I reckon one of the easiest bikes to work on yourself (not the new 1200s with their hi-tec electronics tho, although mechanics are still ol' simple style).

Those jobs I did in around 4 evenings with slow methological process (having beer in my other hand ) to make sure no mistakes are made.

All this could be done in 2 evening when you keep focused on the job. Very well though-through bike. I'd spend 2X more time on some Japanese bikes just to remove all that plastic and fancy bodywork, not counting more complex setup and overengineered compact engine setup they have. Dead-simple robust oldschool boxers rule on DIY jobs/maintenance!!!


All what I did was all just-in-case replacements, observations and re-checks on the bike. I'd had been fine going with the bike as it was untouched, but being a bit pervy on perfection myself I insisted on replacing some things just-in-case, as said before.

Originally Posted by Jedi5150
Amen! Great photos of the bike prep but I was bummed when you said you were going to skip the gear selection and set-up. I love reading about people's choices for long trips. Please do include it if it's not too much trouble. I promise you that we as readers won't be bored.
Let's see if we can pull some time on writing about gear'n stuff. Will keep you updated on that if it progresses or not.

Originally Posted by Metty
how are you guys financing a 2.5 year trip if you dont mind me asking? are you camping most of the way? why the odd route into Alaska and then right back south? i really hope that i can do something like this before im 30. your are a lucky man to have a wife willing to "go the distance"
We've sold everything we have to do this When we go back we start from ground zero. Camping as much as possible, especially in expensive countries. We VERY probably have to stop somewhere for a work 1/2-1 year to rise additional funds badly needed when we run out. Not easy!

TA, Margus
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