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OK, so I have spent some time aiming the lights and riding around in the dark and have to say that I like what I am seeing. It's not a "night into day" result, but there's definitely more light be thrown farther than the road than with my regular headlights w/ high beams. As was noted in the Whelen's thread, these lights do not have a cut off, so the beam is conical and therefore there's more light headed "up." This results in some light reflecting from the leaves on trees over the road and may result in excess reflection back to the rider in heavy fog or rain.

As a general comment: If people are considering these lights, I would not get the "Spot" version; get the Euro version instead. I got both, thinking that I'd use the Spot on the right side of the bike for more "punch" though corners and along the sides of the road. However, the Euro (which is mounted on the left on my bike) appears to have similar throw with a more useful diffusion for real world riding conditions. The Spot might make sense if you are supplementing existing driving lights or are using the light as a bicycle-helmet mounted light, but it doesn't seem to be as effective for my riding style and conditions.

I'll try to get some pictures soon.

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