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"Eli Myrick (Master Technician) inspected the bike and immediatly commented that the vent tube from the charcoal cannister was lower than he would have expected and very close to the rear wheel.

He sprayed water into both intakes with the engine running - no problem - no stall.

He then put the vent tube into a container of water and continued to run the motor - within 2 minutes the motor stalled." -

Very interesting. Very.

I have not had the bike stall in the rain yet, but last Friday I rode to work in a fairly heavy rain. I parked the bike in a dry underground garage. At 5 o'clock, I walked out to my bike and noticed a large puddle under the bike. I got down and looked, and water was dripping out of the charcoal canister breather. This is 7 hours after I parked it, so there was quite a bit of water in there where there shouldn't really be any. It looks like maybe when running there is suction at that vent tube, and when parked, the hot engine warming the tank of fuel reverses the flow and air flows out of the vent tube. Sun on the tank would do the same thing.

Since I had not read this message yet, I opened up the airbox when I went home, thinking maybe there would be water in there. It was dry.

I am definitely going to re-position this vent hose, and might now consider getting rid of the canister.
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