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Marin County To Cabo!

The wife and I have been talking about a 2up around the world trip for a while now, but as long as the ten year old is still in the house and in school we have decided to do a few warm up trips in the 8-10 years we have till we can make it happen. We did a nice 4 day Joshua Tree/Mohave/Las Vegas trip last month and thought about making a 10 day trip in July. We just didn't know where. We thought about Moab, Canada, Yellowstone and others, but kept coming back to Mexico and Baja. Me being a contractor and having a whole friggin bunch of time on my hands due to the wonderful economy, decided to go for it!

Sooooo Baja/Cabo it Is!! I read as many ride reports as I can, so in the last month I started looking for Baja ride reports and seeing what I would need to make the trip happen. Mexican ins?? Medi vac ins?? temporary import deposit bullshit? Documents for the bike, passports bla bla bla..!!!!! I think I figured it all out, but any input would be greatly appreciated! The family is very worried about us and the current situation in Mexico, but I have assured them that it is mainly a boarder issue and we didn't plan on being in TJ that long.....Maybe a Donkey show or two...The Wife has never seen one....I have, and even a Pig show once in Okinawa while in the USMC ......but...... Well...... Never mind, it was weird and I felt dirty just watching it! So 30 minutes at the boarder and we should be fine....right?

I'll be on my 07 KTM ADV 990. I've been doing the normal fresh oil and rubber things with her.....(woah sounds sexy) but also put a new chain and sprocket set on. I've only got about 13g on her so everything still feels "verginesqe". The big girl runs sweet under any condition or circumstance (except high wind!), so I'm hoping for a problem free run. I'm bringing Tire/tube repair items and the standard tool kit+. I am a minimalist and feel that if something happens to the bike that I cant fix with the tool kit, then I probably cant fix it on the road/trail so I'm not bringing all that crap! Please tell me I'm wrong and I will set up a hitch and trailer so that I can bring all the repair items that I "might" need. Rebbecca the service goddess at Scuderia (my local shop) says that the water pump issues are fixed along with the fuel pump issues on the 07. Hay I figure if Scuderia is good enough to work on Jonah Streets Dakar bike, then they're good enough to work on mine and I'll take there advise as the gospel. You will all watch me eat my words if I am wrong! But seriously if anyone thinks I REALLY need to bring a spare of some type for the 07 990 let me know.

Ok..... 4 days and a wake up and the adventure begins!!!
OH 7 990

Marin County To Cabo!
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