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Feckin' gobshite
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Just do it!

You'll have a slightly longer ride than I did seeing as I started in SF rather than Marin (link).

Temporary import bullshit- not needed if you don't leave Baja

Insurance- Mexinsure I paid $240 for 12 days

Title documents- again, not needed within Baja. Registration IS needed.

Border issues: go through fast, go through Tecate. It's a nice detour inland and gets you away from the worst of the shite.

Things you haven't considered: Fuel range. I went on a well tuned 950 and came very close to running dry at least once. Bring a 2 gallon can and keep it filled.

Bon voyage- you'll love it. Spend some quality time in Santa Rosalia and keep the fcuk away from Guerrero Negro. And if my experience is anything to go by, if you tell people you're Irish they'll love you :)

Edit: If you want to plumb the rather shallow depths of my wisdom in person feel free to drop me a PM. I can be readily plied with Sierra Nevadas or Soy LAttes to spill the beans....
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