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Originally Posted by Cuttle
sorry guys (I tried to do a blond driving clue )

It's actually not to hard if you look at a map and follow my steps

1st: find my location
2nd: take the road named after an evergreen scrub
3rd: the song will "confirm" that you got the right road
4th: keep riding east
5th: turn left and you'll find the tag (it's all there)
I'm about googled out on this.

When you say "find my location" I'm guessing you don't mean that you started at Mt. Mitchell but at your home. Mars, NC? I don't find that so I guess next that it's Mars Hill, NC. Somewhat West of there I see a Grapevine Rd that intersects Big Laurel Rd. I can't really work out from there what you did.

The random building you didn't use that says Cody's Store and Laurel Creek Nursery doesn't seem to gibe with the things I can find on the internet with those names.

Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch but don't really see a German looking name on the map either.

Unless someone else is having a better time with this I think we're gonna need something more to go on.
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