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I hadn't really even looked for this one until last night. I found out I would have some free time this morning and with 20% chance of rain the weather looked good. I pulled up MS Streets & Trips and found it pretty quick. Only 50 miles from me.

My plan was to slip up and grab the tag and be in Hot Springs when the library opened up at 10am. Then a nice leisurely ride back home. Spring Creek, over Troublesome Gap, Turkey Creek, Potato Branch, and then over Hookers Gap be back to the house by about lunch time. By the time I got to Weaverville is was misting pretty good. By the time I got to Grapevine it was raining steady. On Big Laurel it was raining pretty dang good, and by the time I got to the tag on Chapel Hill Rd (shown on some maps as Gunter Town Rd.) it was pouring.

I was sitting on the porch of the tag. That is Chapel Hill Baptist Church across the road from the tag

It was raining so hard and my with all the fog and my shield fogging up, I decided to sit on the porch and wait it out. I sat there over and hour and listened to the rain beat down on the tin roof. Everytime I would think it was going to let up you could hear it coming thru the trees.

It finally let up enough to run out and grab the tag an then about 15 minutes later I took off.

By that time I didn't have time for the ride I had planned and hi-tailed it for home.

I have some work to do this afternoon but will try to get the next tag up this evening sometime. May have to use a file pic though.
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