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Excellent grab rain and all. I don't usually like to set out in the rain but don't mind getting caught in it once I'm riding and have a good place to put on the rain gear.

I was on my way to get groceries in my Miata with the top down when those heavy skies finally started spitting on me. I looked up ahead and saw a wall of water coming at me so I whipped off in a driveway and dragged the top up. The power windows on that car are so slow I nearly got soaked waiting for them to go up.

File tags are just fine. I've started just randomly collecting good file photos for later myself. It can make moving the game around fun too. That said there's absolutely nothing wrong with taking your time and doing another ride to place a tag.

Originally Posted by kennyanc
I hadn't really even looked for this one until last night. I found out I would have some free time this morning and with 20% chance of rain the weather looked good. I pulled up MS Streets & Trips and found it pretty quick. Only 50 miles from me.

It was raining so hard and my with all the fog and my shield fogging up, I decided to sit on the porch and wait it out. I sat there over and hour and listened to the rain beat down on the tin roof. Everytime I would think it was going to let up you could hear it coming thru the trees.


I have some work to do this afternoon but will try to get the next tag up this evening sometime. May have to use a file pic though.
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