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Oil Leak Pictures...... Any Ideas??

Just got back from a couple of days in Scotland with the missus. I checked and topped up the oil before we went. Ran smooth as you like and covered almost 600 miles. Got home and when I came to put the bike away I noticed a pool of oil underneath the bash plate.

I didn't start her up as I checked the dipstick and there was barely any oil on it so I wheeled her down to the garage and whipped off the tanks to have a better look.

I'd like like your views on a number of things;

If the oil was low why didn't the warning light come on?

I know the TSB regarding the nuts on the top of the cylinders haven't been done could this be the cause of the leak? If so could I get a dealer to do the work?

If the oil pressure sensor is Kaputt could this also have caused the leak?

And finally any ideas on the cure?

I'm no whizz on the spanners, but I do my own servicing including the valve clearances and I'd like to tackle the job myself, I just need a bit of guidance. And what parts if any would I need?

Many Thanks in Advance

Left side



Right side



We're going away into Europe in 5 weeks time and I could do with my confidence restoring
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