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Does anyone know what it takes to put a 11XX paralever on a R100GS. HPN and the bikes posted here use the 1100 parts so there must be an ease of conversion using that series. I have a winter project bike that I would like to build and any help would be appreciated. I've only owned airheads so I'm just not familiar with the interchangeability of oilhead parts. Thanks.
I'm afraid it is not as simple as you think...

1. R11XX swingarm is not as wide as the original one, so you have to weld a threaded flange at the left side of the frame.

2. You will need some sort of sub-frame that will support your central shock, and still allows you to remove your battery.

3. Different types of cardan shaft. You need an adaptor to fit the R11XX cardan to your airhead gearbox.

4. Custom build rear wheel, spoked out of center.

Probably you will combine this with bigger front forks, so you will have to consider frame reinforcements.

Good luck with your project !
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