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There is light at the end of the tunnel. Not from my wiring system yet but still...

Now I'm down to mostly odds and ends. A few years back I bought a second 320mm disk for my second set of wheels and my basement flooded and the disk was pretty rusted when I found it. We moved shops and it got buried and only recently did it surface again:

Bleak. Well it was never even mounted and looked ruined but I decided to give Naval Jelly a try as it's often surprising and what do you know it worked! In fact it looked better than the old one I've been using. Here you go - same disk:

So I've decided to run down to the BMW MOA rally in TN as a shakedown for the trip to Labrador so I put some sticky street tires on in case we head over to Deals Gap. Honestly I like the roads around Deals better but it's hard to not hit it when you're that close. The Conti Attacks are amazingly sticky and surprisingly long lasting. I've gotten over 4000 out of the last rear including a track day and 2500 of two up which, for such a track tire is pretty great.

Since I'd stripped the grips I needed some new ones so I thought I'd show you a trick I learned a while back for cutting the ends of the grips. First find a socket of the diameter of your bars:

I use the 16mm because what else can you do with a 16mm? Put it on an extension and slide it through the grip and hammer the socket through on a solid surface. If your queasy about abusing tools you could use an impact socket but I'm fine with this.

And there you go - a nice, neat and correctly sized hole:

While looking for some banjo fittings I saw that Chris had a spare radial Brembo master cylinder which I'd been thinking of matching up to the Motomaster caliper for a while. It's a 16x18 which is correct for a single caliper so I offered to buy it and see how it would work. Of course it's strictly a track part so there's no mirror mount or brake switch and it's smaller than stock so the brake line is too short and it needed a reservoir too so it was no easy swap.

For the brake line I had Speigler make me a custom 54" line with a 60 and a 10 offset and it fit perfect. Fred Renz of Yoyodyne got me the reservoir and the brake light switch is the extra one I bought for the rear brake - it's a combination banjo and pressure switch which plugged into the existing wires just fine. Feel from this lever is great so I'm curious what it will be like on the road. I've always felt the stock master was a bit wooden and I've run these masters on all my race bikes and loved them. Brembo does good stuff.

Then all this showed up:

I've been toying with the idea of rolling my own out of stainless and decided to order up the parts. I'm thinking of making it run in stock position for the headers but to drop the silencers below the rear side panels and make them steeper. The idea being that they would clear a lot of space to make side tanks in place of the rear panels but I haven't worked that out yet. For now I may start work on the headers or it may wait for a bit - depends on time I guess. One thing for sure is I'll never replace these headers - they are 16ga and bombproof stainless. Considering I've gone through two fronts and one rear the cost of these bends was cheap.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to wrap it all up.

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