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Originally Posted by Ridge-Runner
Here it is U should be able to find it w/o any clues.

I was going to take down to Ga or somewhere like that but I had a harmonic noise coming from my bike on decel so I got back home and want to check it out b-4 I take it to work tonite. Good luck and I hope this thing moves around more than it has.
Well that get is certainly where I would have headed. We'll wait for kennyanc to say if you were headed to the right place I guess.

One thing us GPSers like about your new tag is the address shows up when you find the right web page. Sorry to hear about your harmonic. I haven't had a bike with a chain for quite a while. New chain and sprockets for ya though? Too bad it stopped you sticking that down into GA for its first trip beyond TN and NC.

Using park sites for tags does carry the risk of closures at night. Sites closing at 5pm though? Those would exclude people with "normal" jobs.
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