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Originally Posted by Squidmark
And I have no problem with (recent) "file photos" for new tags. Not only can using them speed up the game, they are more likely to be of something intriguing and interesting you came across in your broader travels rather than a boring shot of your local convenience store that you felt you had to take because you felt pressured to keep the game rolling.

MO only, of course.
IMHO...that's a slippery slope as to what is allowable. Early on in the game I got called on a picture that I took earlier in the same day. Personally I think if its a picture that wasn't taken on that particular "trip" or "day of riding"'s an unacceptable "file" photo.

If we start allowing photos from defeats the purpose of the game which is to get people out riding today.

But with that said...I don't think the Tag-O-Rama police will come and confiscate your bike if you do whatever you do.

The pressure (of your peers) for putting some interesting tag up should be enough to keep the tag quality high...
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