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Originally Posted by xtphreak

good grab and welcome to the asylum of appalachian taggers

I understand the old gentleman who ran it broke a hip,

then when he got out of the nursing home, promptly broke another!!

might not ever reopen

I needs a new t-shirt!!!

this was the only place in VA that sold beer for onsite consumption and gas for a long time.

the quote from 101 dalmations is something like "I'm so HUNGRY MOTHER, I could eat a whole elephant." referring to Hungry Mother State Park which IS the way to get here.
Cool spot and history. Dang I would love a Frog Level T-shirt too. I searched on "one bite at a time" and didn't find that in 101. :-/

Onward and upward?
Riding season is finally getting in gear!<br><br>Pat<br>aka Geeeze
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