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Originally Posted by XRider
Do you have the stator connected for single output or are you running 100w AC and 100w DC? If you've got an AC/DC system it sounds like you need to float the AC ground. In other words you need to isolate the AC ground from the frame ground.

I am running single 200 Watt........
2 greens from the stator tied together
2 whites from stator tied together........each hooked to a yellow wire from the H. Duty Rec/VR.

4 wire V. Reg
Black to neg on battery/capacitor........right now I have the batter tied in
Red to what I am powering on the bike..big head light, taillights, and heated grips.

The ground that comes back from the headlight is grounded to the frame......

That's it....... ground the V. Reg...there is a load there as she arcs when I do this....even light
take the ground off the case.......light is bright and voltage is all over the place...

Thanks for the help fellows
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