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Finally got around to a ride this morning. Its hot as hell in Texas and you have to ride early.
I did 108 miles on all kinds of roads including 20 miles on hard packed gravel.

My initial impressions:

Bike is very agile in the curves and a joy to ride.
Ride quality was good but the narrow handlebars took some getting used to.
The bars are a little low for me although most would find them OK.
The bars being narrow also puts the mirrors in a bit more than I like. Aftermarket mirrors are easy to come by and inexpensive. They did not vibrate and become fuzzy at speed.
I had no issues at all with the stock tires. With some Mefo's or similar rudder _ it could be a reasonable dual sport.
Seat is OK but I like to repad all my own anyway. No butt burn on my ride.
There is some vibration in the handlebars - but not much (its a thumper!)
Some foam grips would work nicely here. At 55 it vibrates more than at 65 (go figure) Only ran it up 1 time after about 85 miles into the ride.
Suspension was pretty good for a low budget bike. At 190 lbs I will set the rear shock up to the 4 th notch as I personally like the ride a little firm. It came stock at # 3 which was OK. The front is adequate as is for riding the 2 lane country roads I was on. When pushed hard around the curves there was a little movement. Perhaps a change to heavier fluid will do nicely. The suspension was definately a good surprise for a sub 4 grand bike.

The shift pedal as delivered was too low for my boots to grab the bottom of the lever. ( a 5 minute fix)

This bike is not a fast mover but it is adequate. I suspect there is
a lot more HP in the engine if one wanted to get it out.

I am 5'11 and inseam at 31 inches. A long ride would probably be a little cramped after awhile at least for me.. I was able to lock my boot heels on the passenger pegs just to see how it would work. I could ( and will) do some touring on this little jewel after I figure out how to put luggage on it. Seems like every 250 has the rear turn signals installed in a way that prevents throw over luggage to be used. A luggage rack will be the first thing on my list after the free and easy mods.

I ran 108 miles on 1.2 gallon of gas for 83 mpg. Lots of this was slow riding so I am anticipating in the 70 - 75 mpg range.

That s my 2 cnts worth. Lots of bike for the money.
A few nit picky things that may not be a concern for you.
If you arte sitting on the fence - I hope this helps. It remids me of why I started riding long ago. Simply single by design>
this bike is a keeper.


Ron in Smithville Tx.
Ron Waldrep
Heart o' Texas
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