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Funny. They didn't bother me on my 3300 miles through Baja and 15k miles since I've put them on. To each his own.

Originally Posted by 9Dave
Just installed the 2" Rox Risers on my 07 GSA. Then I took them off.

I loved the extra height. I can finally comfortably reach the controls while standing. And the wiring stretch I can deal with - but I don't like the reroute of the brake and clutch lines.

Without moving them, they are stretched. After moving the brake (I just unbolted the master cylinder and passed it through the space in the fork) I don't like the angle of the line. The right answer would seem to be having new lines fabricated that are 2" or 3" longer to maintain the routing in front of the fork tubes, and not stretching them.

Not the thing I want to be doing a couple days before taking off on a trip. It will have to wait until I have time to take the lines off, have new ones made, and then go through the pain of bleeding the ABS.
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