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Originally Posted by XRider
I just thought of something that could cause the symptoms you describe. Although I'm still interested in knowing if any of the reg/rect wires are shorted to the case. After you check that remove the flasher unit for the blinkers and see if the problem continues. I think you have a power to ground short somewhere, of course finding it is the trick. I would take your gps out of the circuit for now so that it doesn't get hosed from all the power spikes. Also, is the 100w light blowing (10A) fuses?
Hey XRider - see post 91 at top of page. That question pertains to Gunslinger1's stator....I'm thinking continuity to ground from any stator wire is a bad thing. It is on the DRZ. I just went through it with mine. He has one green and one white wire showing a short to ground with an ohm meter.
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