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Originally Posted by *kartman*
Itīs not an exact copy of the original rally skidplate.
Furthermore the box on the left side normally is for water, mine is a toolbox.
I was wondering about what seemed to be a rear cover on the left handside box.

My 640 is going through many changes from engine to plastics & very tempted to fab a Rally skidplate for petcock protection (the OEM ADV tank is a keeper for the time being) & much needed tools/spare parts storage space under its CG point.
Any info would be appreciated ...such as:
- What aluminium type/thickness you've utilised for the fabrication?
- Is it fixed only at the standard Adv frame attachement points?
- How does it stands up when put to the test?
Anything different you'd do if you were to fabricate another one?

Almost finished with all the mods but your bike looks so good that it has me considering adding a Blue/Orange paint scheme & fact is that I don't usually care for anything else than efficiency & performance on my rides:
In other words,
That bike of yours got me going for ''Poser'' status; ...Darn It!
Ride hard,'s short!
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