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Originally Posted by Tom Blum
thanks for the fast reply OZZ

I guess I'm sort of resigned to buying them, but I still don't know how to load them into the Garmin.

I'm afraid I will buy the BICIMAPAS dataand then can't use the it.

Will BICIMAPAS open in the Mapsource program that garmin provides?

Yes, you can open it up in Mapsource if you buy the online downloaded version. Once you install it, you go through the unlocking proceedure invloving mapsource. After you can see it in Mapsource, you go through the uploading proceedure to transfer it to your GPS. Make sure your GPS is able to accept maps, I know some GPS's don't allow maps to be uploaded. Also, go through the Bicimapas site to make sure their map is compatible with your GPS. If your GPS is not mentioned, send them an email with specific questions, they have pretty good support.
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