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Originally Posted by the venturer
Thanks econan. My tent is best fow two, much smaller than a 4-room one.
I have so many to post here and it's so difficult to choose. Right now, I am on holiday with family members. I rarely have internet.
There are some Trabzon pics as well, including Sumela Monastery, The Long Lake and those highlands, too.
Your family? From Trabzon? You are a Turk?
I don't want to hijack your beautiful thread... Please continue.

I had exactly same size tent as yours, but for "memur" campers it looked like a small hole compared to their huge tents They had three of these with a full size Arcelik fridge in it interconnected. The lady was saying: "Vah vah vaaah, evladim gece bogulursunuz siz bu cadirin icinde! Gelin bizde kalin" (Translation: Vah vah vaaah, [it is a pity sound that turks make] my son, you would suffocate in that tent at night, please come and stay over in our tent...)

Yes, I'm a Turk. ;)
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