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Originally Posted by oregoncoast
I have owned my 1987 XR250R for 15 years. It has never had any of the decompression cables attached. I have never needed them. Bike starts like a charm, but there is a method to it...I discovered late..

BTW, I just rode the bike today, its plated, and i rode the 12 miles to the trails/logging roads. I have to tell you, everytime I ride this old beast, I just gets the job done. I am feeling some of its limitations (bottoming out after nice air) but it still is a great old bike. Good Luck with yours. Don't even worry about putting the decompression cables on. Save the time and money for some other bar risers.
I don't run the auto decompression cable, but I do have the manual cable installed. I like to have it for the possibility of a flooded motor after finding myself upside down, etc. Can't say that I've ever needed it, but I use it out of habit, having learned my way around XRs with large displacement models. No harm in not using them.

Like Oregoncoast, I get a lot of pleasure out of riding my old XR. I have a KTM also, but I find myself riding the XR more. I certainly has limitations, but it also has plenty of strong points - the main one being that it's so easy to ride in any conditions.

I'm really looking forward to reading about your first rides on your XR.

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