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Originally Posted by Rad
I have the TT's. Don't cost much, easy install and work great. Cut'n vibes, na. Ya need to be look'n at carb, can and air box mods to do that
As Rad says, and in my experience, it doesn't eliminate vibration... but it does (at least with the ones I made, and as I recall Loaded's as well) seem to change the frequency and amplitude, in relation to RPM.
I feel a bit more vibration (what little I have) in the lower RPM and less in the higher RPM... in fact, between 6K and 8K there seems to be quite a bit less "felt" vibration.
I'm a poor "poster child" for the whole vibration issue anyway, as either my bike produces very little vibration or, I'm just not that sensitive to it.

So... how's tricks?
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