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Originally Posted by richgroeneveld
I got my bike and brought it home. For all those people interested I put my first impressions on a blog. It is a great bike.

2009 TU250X
Shocker of the show was a motorcycle no one could have anticipated, that is unless you’re hyper-aware of the cost of a gallon of gas here in the U.S. The TU250X is Suzuki’s stab at riding the retro wave without having to come up with a whole new bike.

The 2009 TU250X was a surprise to many people attending the dealer show. This new budget bike from Suzuki often drew a bigger crowd than many of the more popular bikes in Suzuki’s line.

The TU250X is, in essence, a restyled GZ250. The GZ is a newbie’s dream with its simple Single 249cc air-cooled engine puttering riders around in cruiser style. The TU plays on the heart strings of those riders that grew up on UJMs. It’s powered by the very same Single as the GZ, but (hold to your keyboards…) is fuel-injected! Yes, you read right, a fuel-injected air-cooled 250. Be ye beginner or stingy with your spending on fuel, the tiny and simple standard might be your path to two-wheeled giggles.

The TU250X isn’t intimidating in the least, and may very well be a big seller for Suzuki in the expanding female market.

And again, I dare say Suzuki is thinking of the ladies with this one. Seat height is only 30.3 inches, a mere 2.5 inches higher than the already low saddle height of its cruiser mate.
Additionally, the muffler carries a cat with an O2 sensor for cleaner exhaust. The little Standard loses about half a gallon of fuel capacity (3.17 vs. 3.4), but it appears to best the GZ’s “curb weight” by roughly three pounds (328 vs. 331 lbs).
I’d like to tell you what it was like to sit on, but it was kind of the star of the show as well as the show stealer. The thing was continually surround by a crowd of curious dealers. Reaction to the budget bike was mixed, as a number of dealers lamented the low-spec kit. I’ll venture a guess, though, that if the current state of economics in the U.S persists, Suzuki may have another high-demand model on their hands, and this time the dealers will know better than to not have enough of this bike on hand. The people will vote with their dollars. Cheng Shin tire-shod or not, the TU250X looks like a deal maker! Just not in California, yet…
The TU250X will be available in March at an MSRP of $3,499.
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