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Originally Posted by rapiti
No angst. A bit of frustration with self for posting twice in less appropriate threads If you want more, start here (pg. 4), then go here and finally, back to my initial post on this thread. That was my path this morning, and I suppose I am so verbose and take too long to compose my posts that I miss out on more appropriate threads (or something like that.) I really enjoy the input from Passmore, Tim, Mack, Creep, and just about everyone with 'real' Adventures. We are all learning. This is a great source of information. Some of the single and/or retired guys are hard to keep up with in mods & improvements, but we all have priorities.
I hope it didn't come across as my bashing Tim's Sommer setup, it just looks like an 8mm or 10mm plate, with some tube type risers. Trying to get clarification.

I will definitely do some riding with the Pastranas before going for risers. Less sweep feels good, and lower pegs is probably where I should go next, if anywhere.

Thanks, everyone for such good communication
Cool Rapti! It is sometimes difficult to get what you want in here because of different threads and how they oftern go in directions not exactly coinciding with the title of the thread...

I am a mere nooB myslef and these fellas are a great source of knowledge and experience for me as well. Right now it is neat to get different views on a single mod and then go for what I think will suit me best!

Carry on!

- Michael
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