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Originally Posted by AZRamjet
Serious question here.

I'm a short, wide, neck optional kind of guy. I have muscular legs but no ass know. Will the shorts fit someone like me? I've cycling shorts for years under my gear and they work OK, but I'm willing to try something new.
Hi Rog,
Are your muscular legs from riding a road bike? I too ride one and most road bike (i.e., road bicycle) riders I know have scrawny, er lean, rears.

My cycling shorts are only padded inside the crotch. Comfy there but the padding doesn't extend far enough compared to these. The padding on these runs down the back of your thigh to the bottom of the short.

I have a 36" waist and got a size Large and they fit well in the legs but are a touch loose in the waist. I tried turning the waist band over on itself and this helps but I think they may be sized a bit big. Of course YMMV.

P.S. I had a Tiger 1050 too for a year and loved it but could never work out the wind screen buffeting. If I was 2" shorter I'd still have that bike. Sweet ride, terrific engine.
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