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Update on my TU250XK9..

Had the 600 mile service done $188. Valves were fine chain had to be tightened and the clutch and speedo cable had to be tightened slightly. Oil and filter changed. Oil was fine, no junk.

There was some additional noise from the engine which was magically cured with higher octane gas. My guess is that I got a bad tank. I also noticed a significant performance increase with the higher octane gas and less vibration in the handle bars.

Fuel economy at the last fill up was 81 mpg.

Since then I have put another 200 miles on the bike and as long as there is no cross wind, 60 is not a problem. (55 actually as the speedo reads higher than you are actually going starting at about 25mph.)

Fun rating still at 9 out of 10.

Stupid trick of the day...
Flip the kick stand up with the helmet still locked to the side of the bike.
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