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Originally Posted by CoydogSF
Hey All,

Like a few others I've seen post here, I was ignoring this thread until my F800GS started stalling. Thought I would add my experience to the discussion and hope someone might have some insight:

6/27/2009 - After 2,400 trouble free miles since being purchased in Feb, my bike began stalling a few hours into a dual sport ride in 100+ degree temps. Variety of RPM's, uphill, downhill, flat, idling, 5 mph, 25 mph, 65 mph. Made it 60 miles home with the bike stalling every 5 mins or so and it restarting usually on the second try. Interestingly, as I got back towards San Francisco and the temps dropped, the bike ran without a stall for the last 20 mins. I could not duplicate the problem on a 30 minute ride the next morning in mild temperatures.

6/30/2009 - Bike into the dealer. They found a loose connection on the battery where I had installed the power for my Zumo and reasoned that this could be the cause. They also did an update to the OBC relating to the fuel range readings.

7/3/2009 - Bike again began stalling about three hours into a dual sport ride. Again temps close to 100 degrees. OBC showed 60 miles or so left. Limped into town and filled the tank. After being filled, it ran perfectly for another 3 hours of dirt trails in 100 degree temps (with a passenger!). Rode it the next two days in similar temps with no problems (but at least 100 mile range on the OBC).

7/8/2009 - Bike into the dealer. They could not duplicate the problem at any fuel levels, but I doubt they rode it long enough or in hot temps.

7/14/2009 - I picked up the bike and assured them I could duplicate the problem. Added enough gas to get me out to Carnagie OHV. As the OBC showed about 60 miles and the air temp approached 100, the bike started stalling. I compiled the following video shot from my helmet cam to show the problem happening maybe 8 or 10 times on the ride in different scenarios.


After shooting this, I put two gallons in and rode straight to the dealer without the slightest hiccup. By the way, while it was stalling I tried opening the gas cap. Didn't detect any pressure build up and stalling continued.

7/16/2009 - Heard from the dealer that they'd opened a "PUMA" (?) case for me but because they could not duplicate the problem in the shop, could not replace anything. Having read that a new fuel pump seemed to resolve the problem for people, I paid for a new pump myself and promised to bring the issue of reimbursement back up with them if after my 3000 mile trip, the pump seemed to fix it.

7/17/2009 - Well, there goes my indignant speech because the bike (new fuel pump and all) stalled like clockwork today in high temps and with 30 miles or so shown on the OBC. I was able to stall/restart it for another 15 miles or so to a gas station. Once again, 2 gallons in and it ran perfectly all the way home.

On Sunday, I leave for a three week trip that this bike seems purpose-built for - 3000 miles from San Francisco to CO on as much of Pony Express Trail as possible and back home via the TAT. At this point, I'm resolved to just staying above 50 miles on the OBC and carrying an extra two gallons with me for when that's not possible but would appreciate any input anyone might have that might keep me on the road. I feel that my dealer will continue to pursue the issue with me when I get back including possibly taking a long ride with me (though I don't know what that will show that the video doesn't).

Once again, my case is *only* in hot weather after at least an hour riding and *only* with +/- 50 miles show on the OBC. Bike stalls but can be restarted and run over and over for up to 60 miles. In any case, I hope this information helps build upon the body of information related to this frustrating problem with these otherwise magnificent bikes.
Mine just started intermittently doing the exact same thing. Low fuel (around a gallon left), hot temps, and it will quit when I chop the throttle. Then it is hard to start until I put more fuel in it. Also, no vacuum when I open the gas cap.
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