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Over 18,000 miles! Wow! ohhh gee that was alot of riding!

I'll try and catch up now that the traveling is done.

The lad had his heart set on seeing Deadwood SD.

The place is a polished restored town with casino after casino lining the streets. Tour buses and rv's pile the folks in. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.
We'd just passed through Mt Rushmore where they tried to extort 10 bucks each to park the bikes.(parking has sold out to private consensioniers) The mountain was entirely socked in with clouds and you couldn't see a thing.
So I decline to pay the extortion and was instructed to drive on through.
I do but being stuck behind a slow RV my engine is getting hot, so I stop in the parking lot to let the engine cool. The lad decides to go pee in the visitor center.
So I take the chance to add a little oil while she's cooling down as the parking lot rent-a cops pull up carrying some attitude. They demand I pay right then and there. I calmly explain the situation a and point out the fact that the no one is seeing anything anyway. These idiots where really starting to bug me when they told me they were calling the park police.
We get out of there before the police arrived.

After an interesting and beautiful ride through MT we go see the Old Faithful geyser which is something to see.

When I first saw it it was march 1981 before the big fire and I rented a snowmachine and rode in by myself. A bit different in the summer I'd say.

We didn't stay long in Idaho I did get a picture of the weeping springs.

This along the Snake river

Big trees in Mt Rainier Park

The Paradise Inn is an interesting landmark. (built in 1916)

Canadian customs

The first question from them was whether I was carrying a handgun. I told them no. They then wanted to know if I owned a handgun and where I kept it! WTF is wrong with Canada?

The broken chain!

Good thing I bought a chain tool and had some spare links to splice in with my spare master links. This was a brand new extra heavy duty "smart chain" from sidewinder racing.

Beautiful rivers in BC.

The Bentley folks were just exiting the Cassiar highway as we were entering. More than a 100 Bentley's. These guys were adventuring in their own way too.

Right smack dab in the middle of the Cassiar we come across an accident.
The RCMP says the road will be blocked for 4 hours! Funny thing was the road wasn't obstructed at all there wasn't any hazardous material involved.
Sadly the poor truck driver involved was dead. But the RCMP had the road blocked in both directions for hours. Fortunately we waited only about an hour before they began letting traffic through.

Heli-Skiing lodge in BC

Along the Cassiar

Sally's Cafe at the end of the Cassiar, really great place for a food stop. This was some the best food of the trip!

Dawson is next.

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