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From the bible:

The 15 minute Idle Trick:
Superduke: It seems there's a little confusion about the so called “15 min idle trick”
If the dealer changed the mapping (maybe for a different exhaust ) he had also also to do the 15 min idle run. But we don’t want to change the mapping, we only want the EFI to “re calibrate. Because of the self learning EFI the “actual” parameters of the engine are measured and stored into the EFI as new basic information, if you do a 15 minute idle run.There is a good information about this in a document from KTM Sommer.
I will try to translate the most important things you have to do.
Enough gas in the tank !
Do it outside , not in a closed garage and somewhere in the shadow.
You need also a stop watch.
What to do:
The bike must be in a vertical position – so don’t use the side stand for the procedure.
The engine must be cold.
Start the engine and let it idle for 15 minutes.
You are not allowed to use any functions of the bike in this time.
The time must not be less then 15 minutes and not more then 16 minutes.
If the engine stops running during this time, just restart it and let it run for the rest of the time.
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