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Originally Posted by Arch
My cooling system's working just fine, but I've seen this Evans stuff mentioned enough to wanna try it anyway. Improved cooling and reliability out in the desert mountains sounds like a nice prospect. Hell, I might even try it my truck. It doesn't overheat, but I tossed a blower onto it and localized hot spots cause occasional preignition when they're set up this way.

Rapiti, if you decide to go this route, please keep us posted with a new thread specific to Evans (for easy searching).
Arch, I ordered a gallon each of the Evans coolant and prep mix. Both of our cars have something-glycol coolant, not sure if its polypropylene glycol like the Evans stuff (VW Passat & Yukon XL.) I'd be surprised if yours doesn't have someting similar. You need the Sunoco 113 (or whatever that high octane stuff is rated!)

I need to sort out my idjut light problem before I dump this stuff in, but I'll keep you posted.

One more for Arch: In your experience with Houston dealers, are LC4 parts order-in, or does Wild West, for example, maintain a parts inventory? TJs has some stuff, but they're not local. I need a clutch cover gasket before this roller bearing swap.
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