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we got started late, so we didn't make the meeting at the 7-11, so we opted to meet RAZR at the Shell on ACH at 6:00 or so, RAZR got a pic........

it was me on the DRZ, my son on the TW, & sospelotudo & his wife 2up on a big new KTM.......RAZR had talked to tbarstow & told him we'd wait, so we die, till 7:00....& then cuz RAZR just came out for the Friday night portion of the festivities & wanted to do Lynx, that's what we did.......

I had a little trouble at the last bit of Lynx

(I know RAZR has more pix)

that & my general slowness delayed us to the point that we arrived at Newcomb's too late for dinner, somewhat to the worriement of my daughter. who was waiting for us there. (Fortunately, she had ordered us some dinner, so we didn't have to go to bed hungry)

Most distressing, after i fell, I lost most of my rear braking, so I did Pacifico in the dark with almost no brake........

I need to hugely thank schlim66, & his friend, who happened to be at Newcomb's for repairing the fitting & replacing my brake fluid, so I could continueon the weekend's adventure
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