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You don’t have to reset the sensors but I found it helps tremendously in certain applications.

I.E. - If you had changed a sensor position like the TPS, and now it reads 0.64v where before it read 0.58v @ closed throttle, now the bike will most likely stall at idle RPM because the ECU was calibrated to base its throttle opening off of closed TPS voltage. Or done a valve adjustment and now the vacuum is greater in a cylinder – the map sensor stored parameters from before the valve adj. wont match up at first, and the bike may stumble or hesitate for a variable amount of time. Same applies when changing out a dirty air filter or rebuilding a worn out engine. The ECU will learn what the demands are and the environmental parameters but it has its limits on how quickly it can react to them without creating a runability issue. So what I mean is that it will “Fix itself” but it takes much more ride time than it would to just use the Reset function. So yes the result is the same, but how long are you willing to wait?
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