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Day 2

"Our Nature lies in movement; complete calm is death."
- Pascal, Pensées

Day 2 – June 13
Manitowoc, Wisconsin > Lake View, Iowa (Blackhawk State Park)
Today’s mileage: 794.3 km, Trip to date: 1,439.7 km

The day started out rather dark, cloudy and gloomy. It seemed rain was looming to the west. I had hoped the roads I had chosen would prove to be more interesting than yesterday’s ride. I started off on Route 151 and got as far as Lake Winnebago but soon had to detour back to the east due to construction. It seemed 151 was tore up for miles. Too bad because I remember it as rather scenic as it follows the shores of the lake from a previous trip. I followed Route 60 along the Wisconsin River all the way to Prairie du Chien where I crossed over the Mississippi River into Iowa. Route 13 to the south-west was quite curvy and entertaining, Then it was time to head straight west and that’s when the topography changed…. damn is Iowa flat! I took route 3 then 20 straight west.

I decided to spend the night at Blackhawk State Park near LakeView. When I got there I was in for a surprise. The place was a hive of buzzing motor boats, screaming jet skis, party pontoon boats, bass boats and any other thing that could float. I should have known better. It was a Saturday and this part of Iowa wasn’t exactly strewn with water sport recreation areas! It was crowded, noisy with every kind of popular music wailing away on thumping car stereo systems and reving Harleys up and down the road way in. This wasn’t my idea of serenity, but I was tired and it would have to do. The picture of my journal entry for the day kind of sums things up! After setting up camp, I went into town for supplies, came back and had a few beers and hit the sack wearing my earplugs and had a rather sound sleep, oblivious to the outside revelry.

I didn’t take many pictures today and that would have to change. I’m not quite in vacation mode at this stage of the trip. It takes me a bit to get into the right mind set.

View of Lake Winnebago from 151

My camp that day. At least I was close to the shitter!

Part of my journal entry for day 2. I’m not happy!

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