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My Gadgets

Just a quick note about some of the gadgets I equipped myself with for this trip....

In addition to my Canon camera I set up a helmet video camera system on my bike. I used the VIO POV 1.5 helmet camera fastened to various locations on the bike using RAM ball mounts and clamps. I will be sure to post up some of this video as I get round to editing it. I have hours and hours of footage from every day of my trip!

I have been using a Garmin GPS map 276c GPS for a number of years. I saved the the track data daily to my computer so I wouldn't loose tracks points and elevation data.

I used this software to geo tag my pictures with the GPS track data >

I have a Bag Connections City Bag tankbag that is electrified. Within it I had my POV camera recorder powered by the motorcycle electrical system, a Mixit II amplifier that I had both my GPS and iPOd plugged into.

I carried a Dell Mini 9, and a Transcend 320gb hard drive to back up all my pictures and video to. I did manage to get wifi every couple of days so it allowed be to upload photos to this site as well as stay in touch with family >

I powered my Givi topbox and equipped it with a small full wave inverter to keep my computer and various other reachable battery items charged up.

For my family's peace of mind, I carried a SPOT messenger that worked flawlessly, at least for sending OK messages! I never did have to test it's "help" or "911" capabilities! I used this site so friends and family could see my daily progress >

Stay tuned for more....

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