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Well, I got the joke.

It seems to me very few of us (me, especially) have any grounds to be giving others here advice about proper Internet etiquette. Desert Dave's signature:

Warning! This member tends to use sarcasm as a regular form of communication. If a post seems offensive, before you panic and fly off the handle, re-read the post and imagine it being said with a sideways grin. Life's too short!

should perhaps be added at the end of many a post in this forum. I've been flamed by a few here who thought I stepped on their toes with too much gusto, most recently by someone who it turns out spends most of his time in Jo momma. Go figure. So that gave me a good chuckle.

I'm guilty of intemperate, juvenile responses, and so are you, bxr140. Just go back and reread some of your exchanges with The Griz, for instance. And I think that's just fine. This isn't a knitting forum. Most of us here have testosterone poisoning. Those who don't have a thick skin should perhaps limit their exposure.

I'm not saying that anyone should go out of their way to insult or degrade anyone. But seriously, we need to cut each other a bit more slack. It's the only way to get some in return.


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