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Pissed Red Light - (Sorry this post is wordy.)

So I'm cruising along at 75 mph with my better half behind me. I went to work early today and rushed home to get an early afternoon start. We had reservations at the Las Vegas Stratosphere about 290 miles from home. It's 112 degrees, but other than that, why am I not yet excited about this trip?

It had been a very hectic week. Last weekend I was sure this trip was over before it started when a spark plug wrench took up permanent residence inside the rear cylinder of the 990. After four days of working in a scorching hot garage the wrench was finally removed by a friend late Monday evening(Thanks Glenn!). I took an extra day off on Tuesday to put the bike back together. There had been a lot of disassembly of the rear cylinder. When it was finally back together I was actually shocked the bike started on the first thumb of the starter. I took it for a 12 mile test ride and was even more surprised there were no leaks or weird noises. The bike ran like a champ. The trip is back on!

Start Date; July 10, 2009.

About 30 miles from home I'm still pondering my lack of excitement over this trip. "Maybe I'll relax and start enjoying when... What's THAT!" RED LIGHT!?

The red oil pressure light is on! I pull over and sure enough there's a ton of clatter from the cam chain and valve train. If I rev the engine the light is intermittent and the noise becomes less, so I must be getting some oil to the top? I realize turning around means giving up on the trip and losing money on reservations, but we have no choice. What to do? Should I call a tow truck or drive it? It's 112 degrees and there is no shade around, so off we went. I don't feel like waiting hours for a tow.

It was about 25 miles back to the first KTM dealer. The single mechanic was too busy to get to it right away, but he was nice enough to call the other nearby dealer and they said they could get someone on it. Luckily we live almost exactly between 2 KTM dealers, both about 5 miles from our home. We return home and dump the luggage. Hel follows me in the truck to the second dealer. I figure if the problem can be fixed quickly we could still get to Vegas tonight, very late.

Late in the day the mechanic tells us he found no problems in the easy to reach areas. More disassembly is required, but the problem is definitely a loss in oil pressure. He is hopeful if the problem can be located tomorrow he can complete the repair tomorrow.

We spend the first night of vacation in our own bed. I begin to hatch Plan B...
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