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Originally Posted by markas
Top case is a must for everyday commuting. If you have one show it with details about mounting please.
+1. Top cases are a must if you commute. I commuted for years with a tank bag and, while it was certainly capable, compared to a top box it wasn't as...'full service' so to speak.

I have the Trax case which, if you're vain like me, matches the aesthetics of the GS better than the other options out there by quite a bit. The BMW adventure cases are the only ones that come close. With my tent, mat, and bag on the rear seat, there's plenty of room in the box for a weekend trip. I'm actually going to take a 7 day trip up to Canadia and back in a few weeks with that setup, though the plan is to carry only emergency food (power bars) and minimal water. Civilization works.

Mounting? Its easy to install, and there's literally no reason to ever remove it...though it does have a quick release system to it. There's a permanent plate (with slots for rock straps or the like) that bolts behind the rear seat using the grab handle bolts and the two bolts a few inches farther back. Then there's an adapter plate that mounts to the permanent plate using a tight fit (almost a press fit) and three quarter turn fasteners. The box slips into the adapter plate and latches using the same mechanism that latches the lid.

About the only downside is that its pretty expensive. $500, IIRC, when all is said and done (shipping, etc.). Oh...the other small nag is that you can't leave the locks unlocked--you can only install and remove the key when the lock is in the locked position. That means that if you have the lock installed (I typically don't have the lid lock installed), you NEED the key to get in and out.

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