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Wink Sunday worship, a strap-on, and Does this water taste funny?

It was my pleasure to get invited to ride with edward scissorhands, errr i mean Shearboy . and Crash yesterday. Crash had hoped to also be on a trials bike but due to a lag in UPS delivery of some fork seals .. settled for the comfy seat on his DR.
The plan, Moody Hill and Doner pass. Finally i would get some front range riding in . Sunday was our day to worship. We worshipped the weather, the trouble free bikes, good trails and some comraderie.

I had read reports and tales of frequent smoke breaks and bikes napping on these trails. Well NOT SO!!! a few scattered breaks insisted on my part due to the overly thick amount of oxygen, yes!.

Shearboys new pride and Joy weighted down in front with tank bag to eliminate or reduce wheelies, and the aux gas tank on back for added traction and range.

My poor old bike, just strapped a half gallon to the front and......

After Moddy hill and before the rockgarden we met 4-5 guys who decided it was a bit too much for them so they turned around, and it was at this point, Crash found us after riding from his Mountain retreat.

some great single track and a perfect day. During one of our breaks, Crash was envious of Shearboys padded seat and stated he would like to get a strap on for the bike he and Annie gs share.
hmmmmm???? I dont think the auxillary seats for trials bikes are known as strap ons but......

After doing the trails we did i was glad that i had the trials bike rather than the 450 exc. It was still work , but less than wrestling the KTM through some of the tight stuff .

No one had a working GPS on them so i am not sure of the length of the route.

I did eventially have to dump in my 1/2 gallon reserve gas.

Shearboy walks the plank!

He was standing for a good bit of the trail.
I just didnt catch him on camera when he was.. sorry mate!

when the vids get done uploading i will insert them,
as far as the water tasting funny..... Crash........ its up to you man !

here it is!!!!

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RIDE STEALTH, Sunday worship, a strap-on, and Does this water taste funny?

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