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Originally Posted by Brtp4
  • NEW Leather inner knees: The previous versions used textile, and like all textile knees, they melted when contacting a 4T pipe. Leather is the ONLY material (other than Nomex, which is unsuitable for the knees) that does not melt.
  • Improved stretch and Pattern - The 09s fit well, but these use the 1 piece X-shaped crotch stretch panel from the newer Klim Baja and Chinook pant. The fit is much improved.
  • NEW removable knee and hip pads: A great addition for ADV riders that do not wear MX boots and shinguards
  • NEW 3M Piping - Another feature that makes these more versatile for riders using them on the street.
I have to say I like the looks of the 09 version much better. As far as the improvements.

I never have a problem with my inner knee getting burnt on the exhaust on any bike I have had.

One reason the Klims did so well is they fit so good, not sure why change something that worked so well already.

Pads, I always remove the pads and wear pads on the body.

3M piping, not concerned with.

Why Klim decided to take the best pants on the market and change them is hard to understand. Do you have any 09 Dakar pants in 36 Black/Grey(green) left??
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