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Originally Posted by sakurama
Okay, I'm finally going to tie this up for now - sorry to keep you waiting...

So I got the bike done Wednesday afternoon and left for TN and the BMW MOA rally on Thursday morning. Not wanting to be stupid I rode the bike once around the block and called it a day when nothing fell off. I went home, packed a few things in the panniers and Thursday morning I hit the slab.

570 miles later I pulled into a hotel and called it a night. The chain was too tight so I fixed that (better late than never) and that was about it. Two strange things were that the bike surged and hunted a lot at steady throttle on the highway which it's never done - I think I might have forgotten to hook up the float bowl vent as I did have a few things left over. The other thing was that I thought my fuel light was broken since it didn't come on until 200 miles - WTF? I thought it was a mistake since only once before did I get more than 200 and that was nursing it whereas this was 75-85 the whole time - even some traffic.

Since I didn't actually do anything to the engine I can only assume that the amount of dirt that came off the bike was worth about 8 mpg. Impressive.

Anyway, I didn't do beauty shots but I shot a couple quick ones at the motel:

And the other side:

When I got to the rally the KTM certainly got attention - it's orange and loud. I discovered a missing 6mm nut on the rear brake adjuster and I lost one rear exhaust stud and the other was loose. I consider that doing okay really. The new brake master cylinder is worth it's weight in gold. Brembo really is that good. There's much more power and far better feel. It's true two finger stops now. James Siddall of SuperPlush is nothing short of a magician as the suspension somehow became more supple (plush?) and yet more taught and responsive. Expansion joints disappeared and yet the bike was firm in the rest of the stroke. I like his style. James Renazco is a god among men and this saddle is beautiful and comfortable. I certainly have to thank Chip Munn of Munn Racing because I placed about 30 orders with the guy and got everything including the last minute stuff. I've been ordering all my parts from him for about 5 years now and I like doing business with him. Andrew of Adventurer's Workshop got me the new carbon for the bike and some nice new packing straps and other assorted things. I've mentioned CJ but I will again - his clutch cover was like the hypnotist's watch at the BMW rally - they couldn't stop staring at it. I can't either actually - it's fun and functional. Woody of course made gorgeous hoops for me and I love the wider rear rim.

The bike looks as nice as it works. Saturday Judiaann and I leave for a little two up adventure to do the Trans Lab over a few weeks. We're going to be testing some new gear for Revit, taking photos, camping and enjoying ourselves while we still can. Judiaann, we just found out, is pregnant so I guess this trip will be three up. I'll do my best to put up a ride report but right now I'm just slammed with work and packing and just getting ready.

Here's the last shot - some "kill markings" - these are career totals and not for this bike. This bike owns the bird and the tree...

I'm still on the fence about what wheel set to take up there. It will be 3000 paved miles and 800 dirt road. I've ridden the 17/19 on dirt and it's fine but on soft loose stuff it's squirrelly. I love the 17/19 on the road and I'd much rather take that but the thought of hitting the Trans Lab after a fresh grading and a rain storm makes me want the larger wheels with a set of TKC's. Anyone done it that can offer some advice?
That is one fine lookin orange beast Sak!

May have missed it, but where did you get the vents/ducts for the windscreen?
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