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7,000 miles on the bike, 40L Caribou Cases, mix of dirt mntn passes and paved canyons (30-80 mph), running at 6K-10K ft altitudes on mid-grade gas (87-89 octane) yielded a best tank of 67 mpg. That is measured by fill-up/mileage, not OBC (which really means nothing at all). That's a pretty comfy 250 mile range.
in 1300 miles over the weekend, which included top speeds of 115 (shh, don't tell anyone), i never saw below 61 mpg. most tanks were 65-66 mpg. higher speeds and stops/starts seem to be what drives the mpg down into the 50s. Also, bike seems to get much better mileage now that i am back home in the clouds, rather than having to slug it out in the low lying flatlands.
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